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The industry's first affordable high-speed multi-user StorNext®6 powered Thunderbolt™3 SAN storage solution

Fast, safe, and scalable collaborative high-resolution workflow without expensive hot and noisy rack-mounted SAN infrastructure or adapters. 

Don’t settle for unpredictable ethernet performance. SymplyWorkspace delivers true SAN performance over Thunderbolt with no hassle direct connection.


Flexible configurations from 48TB up to 336TB with up to 8 shared Thunderbolt 3 users 50m apart.

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SymplyWORKSPACE with

at home in the studio or onset.

Simple deployment, easy management, and fast collaborative performance.

SymplyWORKSPACE checks all the boxes

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SymplyWORKSPACE in action for



  • 4K ready

  • Multi-user with no slow downs

  • Scalable to meet capacity and performance needs

  • Re-share for Ethernet users

  • Copper and Optical Thunderbolt for clients up to 50m away

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  • Powered by industry leading StorNext 6 sharing software

  • Direct connect Thunderbolt - no adapters, no switches

  • 100% Xsan compatible

  • Up to 8 Mac or Windows clients

  • Ethernet re-share for lower performance clients


Powered By

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  • Full RAID 5/6 protection

  • Hot Swappable drive modules

  • Whisper quiet fans

  • SSD metadata

  • NL- SAS hard drives

  • Scalable capacity and protection

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