High Performance Shared Storage For Media Professionals

Resolve, FCPX (ProRes RAW), Adobe Premiere, After Effects, VR, VFX

Second Generation ULTRA

Symply Better Workspace
For Media Production  

No Compromise Workflow Storage

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SymplyULTRA II Product Portfolio

Incredible Versatility for a Workflow that Matches Your Exact Requirements

Performance and Capacity Within Your Budget

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The Better Workspace for Media Production

All-in-one Design Offering Superior Connectivity and Scalability

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Optimized for 4K, 8K, high frame rate and HDR workflows. Capacity and performance are scalable together of individually based on configuration

Hard drive and solid state disk volumes can be mixed to meet varying levels of performance in larger workgroups

Fibre Channel and IP (Ethernet) clients can share the same StorNext® 6 volume

Virtualized RAID Kernel design provides super fast disk rebuild without sacrificing on-line performance

SymplyRTM Real Time Management software suite provides real-time analytics measurement of throughput and latency per system, per volume, per disk

Hosting select third-party applications. The modern, fully virtualized design allows for installation of workflow enhancing guest apps directly on the SymplyULTRA II.

Incredible Multi-stream Video Performance

Optimized Concurrent Video Stream Delivery – Tested For 24 hours

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Monitoring Made Easy

Around the office or around the world

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StorNext And IP Clients

Mac and Windows

Deploy In Minutes

Monitor Worldwide