No charges for PUTs, GETs, API calls, or data egress. Welcome to SymplyNEBULA.

SymplyNEBULA is an affordable media-centric cloud-based production, archive, and backup service designed for content creators. Media and entertainment companies are increasingly looking to the cloud to improve productivity, secure content for long term archive, and free up expensive production storage.

Until now content creators had to decide if they wanted speed and capabilities or low cost that often compromised one or both speed and capabilities. The problem was the bigger providers were often slower and charged for retrieving content, but offered great capabilities, while the smaller providers were sometimes faster and charged less for content retrieval and either suffered from a lack of capabilities or a real understanding of how media professionals work.

With SymplyNEBULA, you no longer must choose between affordability, speed and capabilities. SymplyNEBULA’s media-centric cloud storage solution is designed to meet the needs of content creators and owners offering outstanding performance and capabilities regardless of capacity (amount of content) that is stored. And best of all SymplyNEBULA is extremely affordable with low per Terabyte monthly costs and No content retrieval costs ever, and no complicated billing. Just determine your monthly storage requirement in terabytes, reserve that capacity, and that’s all you pay for. But there is no hard limit, you can add as much capacity into SymplyNEBULA as you need, and we will just bill you for the difference, it’s that simple.

SymplyNEBULA provides media professionals the simple and safe cloud storage you need. What makes SymplyNEBULA such a breakthrough is the perfect combination of media-centric features.

Features and Benefits

  • Designed for media professionals – we understand workflow
  • Simple $5.99 per TB per month usage billing - always know your cost, no surprises (pricing in North America - worldwide pricing may vary)
  • Up to 10x faster access to objects than other cloud providers – time is money
  • No more vendor lock ins - take advantage of compute services from any combination of AWS, Azure, and others while using Nebula storage
  • 100% Object storage based with 8+3 erasure coding, providing 11 9’ s durability - reliability counts when you need to meet deadlines
  • Easy billing and No fees for content upload or retrieval (ingress, egress) – to match the production and archive workflows the media industry requires
  • Compatible with leading media asset managers, backup and archive software via S3 commands – no reason to alter your workflow to take advantage of the cloud
  • Data is protected via TLS inflight and secured with AES 256 encryption at rest – for ultimate peace of mind
  • Add up to 10 additional data tags to each object – allows for advanced filtering and analytics
  • Worldwide data centre across the US, UK, Japan and Australia with new locations coming in Europe soon

Usage models

Active Archives

Media archives are rarely static so NebulaSPACE offers data independence for almost any scenario, offering faster data retrieval and better value than alternatives such as deep cloud archives and LTO. Free your data, no more silos.

SPACE 1920x1080 grey bg

Replication between geos

With NebulaREPILCA collaboration is easy. Imagine a “bucket” of content in Los Angeles, and having a replica in London, Tokyo or New York. The content seamlessly shows up in both places with no user interaction needed. And this works with any of the cities in our network and can replicate between two or three cities. It can be a real workflow production enhancer. Try doing that with your existing cloud provider.

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NebulaSWARM allows for a single bucket of data to be used across multiple cloud platforms, including AWS, Azure and GCP for example. This allows you to choose the best in breed cloud platform for any particular task such as transcoding or facial recognition without being locked into expensive storage from any single provider, with predictable price per TB with SymplyNEBULA.

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With all these leading features, simple billing and affordability, and the support of the Symply team that understands workflow and needs of media professionals, SymplyNEBULA is hard to beat.